Executive Summary

When a business is impacted by an economic crime such as embezzlement, fraud or money laundering, the consequences can be dire. It can cause negative financial impacts, like a reduction in personal and business equity and stock valuation as well as negative personal impacts, like emotional strife, stress and depression.

In order for the San Diego District Attorney’s office and the investigator to prosecute an economic crime on behalf of a business, it’s imperative that they understand exactly what occurred. A business owner must provide a thorough overview of the facts along with sufficient supporting documentation to the District Attorney and the investigator. 

This process can be daunting for business owners who are already suffering from the negative financial and personal impacts of the crime. 

The San Diego Economic Crime Committee (SDECC) acts as a non-legal resource to businesses impacted by economic crimes throughout this process. We help businesses develop the necessary documentation in order for the District Attorney’s office to effectively prosecute. 

The SDECC also provides information such as news, guides and publications to help educate and protect businesses from economic crime in San Diego. Read more on our blog, examine our resources and stay informed.

About the San Diego Economic Crime Committee Founder, Bob Afsari

Bob Afsari received his degree in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavioral Science from UC Davis, and entered the workforce as a molecular biologist. Needing a change of pace, he moved to San Diego to give commercial real estate a try, quickly followed by a stint in private equity. Eventually, he became a sales and marketing scientist.

After spending 7 years in a molecular biology lab as well as 10 years in the sales and marketing industry, Bob found a deep passion in merging the fundamentals of the two fields together. Today, he focuses on developing a portfolio of companies by creating strong streams of revenue for each entity.

As a victim of economic crime himself, Bob founded the San Diego Economic Crime Committee with a mission to better educate business owners about economic crime in the hopes of improving prevention.